FuturePerfect: Your AI-Powered 24/7 Guardian

FuturePerfect goes beyond an initial grammar and spelling scan!
With advanced features like collaborative tools, team notifications, and more,
you can continuously ensure your website's content is perfect.

Here are some of the cool features you might not know about:

Advanced Project Options

When creating a new project, you can also turn on advanced options like specific language and exclude paths. This is great for if you want to explicitly tell it to focus on British English, since one person's "color" is another person's "typo". Also, you can exclude paths like /blog/ or /docs/ if you don't want to check those pages.

Manage Hidden Issues

You can hide issues you thought were not important enough so you have a cleaner dashboard before you share it with your team, or just have a 0-inbox mentality.

Share with Team Members

You can share your settings and scan results with your team members. This is great for if you have a team of writers and you want to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Scan History

You can see your scan history and the results of each scan. Which pages changed, which issues were found when, and also focus on new issues only.


You can receive scheduled email notifications when we detect new issues on your website. This is great for if you want to stay on top of your website's grammar and spelling continuously after the initial scan.